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From Thailand, Malaysia is reachable by air, land and sea, which gives you the choice. But to choose, you should know that each one has drawbacks and advantages. In the case of a diplomatic entry in the country, the goods are never subject to duty. Only the Embassies can endorse the documents that give you a diplomatic status.

Many sizes exist for moving trucks, between 1 (consolidated with other customers) and 50 cubic meters storage capacity. Your choice will have big consequences on the final price of your freight. Yet, road freight should be less expensive than sea freight and air freight if you live in the south of Thailand and move to Malaysia.

For goods originating from members of the ASEAN, the ASEAN Harmonized Tariff Nomenclature applies. It provides advantages for the ASEAN member states by reducing rates. Some products have higher or lower rates and others are taxed based on a unit basis (per kg for instance). These were the taxes you are almost sure to pay during your relocation.

Please contact our moving consultant and they will work to find out the best solution to your needs. SIAM Relocation has a long experience in airfreight transportation and is used to working with the best agents for years. Please contact our moving consultants and they will work to find out the best solution to your needs.

We can be your mover in Malaysia thanks to our knowledge and experience in this domain give us credit to handle your move. In this article, you will find reliable information about the customs, the best methods of transportation, our best services and about your future life in Malaysia. However, if you have a Long Term Social Visit Pass and are married to a Malaysian, you can begin applying for jobs as soon as you arrive in Malaysia. Jobstreet, Monster, Indeed, and LinkedIn are the most popular websites for job searching and application. A fantastic airport with excellent local and international connections is located in Kuala Lumpur.

It really is the most important airport in Malaysia as it is the only one able to land an A380. Customs are inevitable when you travel or ship your goods from a country to another. Of course, SIAM Relocation knows perfectly this process and can offer you to deal with customs. Siam Relocation’s professional team helps you cope with all your logistic and relocation needs.

Road freight can be profitable as you will benefit from a quite direct delivery from the truck, without a sometimes expensive warehousing. More, during the transport, you can locate your goods and follow the trip precisely. Last but not least, you can communicate with the driver, which is a very good contact to have. After choosing your container size, you will need to choose FCL (Full Container Load) or LCL (Less than Container Load). We advise you to choose an FCL if your shipment is of more than 15 cubic meters, else, an LCL would be a better choice. Obviously, our consultants are here to help you make your decision.

To pack big volumes with a lot of resistance, wooden boxes are often chosen. They have a good duration in time and resist the humidity better than cardboard. During international moving, there is always a risk of delay, loss, damage or even theft. Thus, we propose that you anticipate the problem before it happens.

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